Ty, the Wine Guy

Get Experienced!

Saturday, May 21
2 sessions

By Ty, the Wine Guy Taiani

Food and wine consultant, columnist, founder of Wines By The Glass

Michael “Ty, the Wine Guy” Taiani is “changing the wine experience one glass at a time.” Ty will do two presentations on Saturday. In Get Experienced, an interactive workshop featuring select Hudson Valley wines, he will teach us the basic guidelines for successful food and wine pairings that can be created at home or enjoyed out-on-the-town. His much anticipated presentation will glorify the pairing of the correct wine with the ever-popular tastings of…popcorn.


A food and wine consultant and columnist, Ty is the founder of Wines By The Glass, offering his Hudson Valley clients and wine club members unforgettable food and wine experiences. From a sales position at a reputable NYC wine shop, Ty learned and trained from the best in the industry, becoming a wine consultant with a loyal following, including celebrities. In 2005 he founded Wines By The Glass, and now his own wine classes are always sellouts – they’re fun and informative for both novices and aficionados alike. Ty’s forthcoming book on the subject, “Get Experienced!” (Flint Mine Press) will be published next year.

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